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  • On-line Optical Measurement of Hematite Magnetite Ratio and Penalty Elements in Magnetite Flotation – L Koresaar, N Khajehzadeh, O Haavisto and J Timperi


  • Geological and metallurgical characteristics of BIF-associated detrital iron mineralisation in Gabon – Bert De Waele, Mathieu Lacorde, Kim Bischoff, Grant Loveday and Fabien Linares
  • Long-range Ground Penetrating Radar for Iron Ore Resource Definition – J Francke
  • A Metallogenic Study of High-grade Iron Ores on North Baffin Island in the 'Granulite Facies' Domain South of the Central Borden Fault Zone – J Hey, N Duke, D Moser and T Ianelli
  • High Accuracy 2.5D AEM Inversion Method for Banded Iron-formation (BIF) and other Geological Settings – S Jakica, R Paterson, J Silic and D FitzGerald
  • Using Airborne Electromagnetics (AEM) to Solve a Structurally Complex Geological Puzzle in the Hamersley Province, Western Australia – R Murray, R Neroni, D Kepert and J Bresnahan
  • 'Bromance' between Iron Ore and Hyperspectral Technology – E Ramanaidou
  • The Iron Bridge Magnetite Deposits – C Simpson

PDFGeostatistics and ore reserve estimation

  • Iron Ore Takes Benefit from Neutron Pulsed Geochemical Tools – P Jeanneau, V Flahaut, A Maddever, B Chi and A Mahanta
  • Iron Ore Grade Modelling Using Geostatistics and Artificial Neural Network – B C Sarkar, R K Singh, D Ray, A Kumar, P K Sinha and V Sarkar

PDFHealth, safety, environment and community

  • Managing Excess Temperature and High Risk Levels of Legionella Bacteria in Eyewash Safety Showers – C Challenor
  • Functional Safety Impacts on Front End Engineering Design Studies – M Goode
  • Design to Closure – Construction of Detailed Rehabilitation Designed Iron Ore Waste Rock Dumps Based on Upfront Site Specific Assessment – A Kemp and I Taylor
  • A Holistic Approach to Mining Excellence – What Can Mining Learn from Other Industries? – G Pilger, A Jacobs, C Bradley and B Moore
  • Research into Improving the Efficiency of Airborne Dust Control Techniques in the Iron Ore Industry – J Roberts and P Wypych
  • Minimising the water loss associated with mine tailings disposal – P Slatter, A Rushdieh, G Botha and C P Vollier

PDFLogistics and utilities

  • Advanced Automation for Centralised Stockyard Operations – R Stefansen


  • Pilbara Creek Diversions – Resilience Gained through Increased Ore Recovery and an Integrated Approach to Design – S Atkinson, M Rafty, A Markham and M Heyting
  • Innovation State of Play – How Global Mining CEOs Think about Innovation – G Stanway, P Mahoney and C Griebel
  • How Can Mining Innovations Deliver Value More Consistently – A T Job and P R McAree
  • The Fundamental Limits of Hyperspectral Imaging for Excavator Mounted Real-time Ore Characterisation – A T Job, P R McAree and M L Edgar
  • The Development, Current Capabilities and Future of WAIO's Geological Reconciliation System – S Loach
  • Why Are Many Large Brazilian Miners Moving towards Smaller Equipment? – B S Magalhães
  • The Relationship between Mineralogy and Shear Strength of Pilbara Hamersley Group Shales across the Weathering Spectrum – A Maldonado and K G Mercer
  • Reliability-based Capacity Determination Model for Semi-Mobile In-pit Crushing and Conveying Systems – R Ritter
  • Western Australian Iron Ore 2006–2016 – Insights for Iron Ore and Beyond? – L Barrere, A Trench and J Sykes
  • Managing Blast Vibration in Close Proximity to Sensitive Heritage Sites – J F Tiedgen
  • Technology's Role in the Optimisation of Drill and Blast – J F Tiedgen and A D Steciuk
  • One Perfect (Production) Day – G Wellwood

PDFNew equipment

  • Aeration Induced Moisture Reduction of Iron Ore – S Caldwell, K Williams, J Guo and W Chen
  • Recent Development and Application of SLon VPHGMS Magnetic Separators in Iron Ore and Ilmenite Processing Industry – X Dahe
  • The Autonomous Rail Conveyor Significantly Reduces Ore Haulage Costs – T Graham
  • Real Time Slurry Elemental Analyser for Iron Ore Beneficiation Plant Control – A Stabile, G Noble, E Portes and V Oigo
  • Development of a Slimline Downhole Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Tool for Iron Ore – Some Applications and Limitations – K Trofimczyk, T Hopper and B Birt
  • Chutes to Thrill – G Wellwood, T Tan and R Ruiz

PDFOre characterisation

  • Channel Iron Deposits of the Western Robe River – M Beattie, C Placzek, K Blake and P Polito
  • The Dynamic Adhesion of Wet and Sticky Iron Ores onto Impact Plates – M Carr, W Chen, C Wheeler and K Williams
  • Determination of the Handleability Index of Adhesive Bulk Materials –M Carr, J Plinke, W Chen and K Williams
  • Determination of Iron Ore Mineralogy Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy – a Chemometric Approach – J Carter, K Auyong and L Dixon
  • The Geometallurgy of Titanomagnetites That Affects Vanadium Extraction – D Connelly, D Yan, J Floyd and G Das
  • Optical Image Analysis of Iron Ore Pellets Using CSIRO Software Mineral4/Recognition4 – E Donskoi, A Poliakov, S Hapugoda and L Lu
  • Digital Rocks for Iron Ore Sinters – towards a 3D Quantification of Sinter Textures – B Godel, B Ellis, D O'Dea, T Honeyands and T Harvey
  • Analysis of 98 individual -200 Mesh Iron-ore Samples in a Single MLA Session – D Grant and D Goudie
  • Discriminating Hematite/Magnetite via Scanning Electron Microscope-Mineral Liberation Analyser (SEM-MLA) in the -200 Mesh Size Fraction of Iron Ores – D Grant, D Goudie, C Voisey, M Shaffer and P Sylvester
  • Infrared Spectroscopy in BHP Billiton Iron Ore with a Focus on In-mine Infrared Sensing – M Haest, D Mittrup and L Edwards
  • Highlighting Key Features of the Pore Structure of Iron Ore Sinter – T Harvey, D ODea, G Evans, B Godel and T Honeyands
  • Evaluation of Sintering Behaviour Based on Ore Characteristics – T Higuchi and L Lu
  • VisuMet – Analyses of Iron Carriers with Image Processing – B Kain-Bueckner and H Mali
  • The Use of FEG-SEM in Association with Other Identification Techniques in Solving Complex Iron Ore Mineralogy – M Lacoste and A Correa de Araujo
  • Variation of Elastic Modulus and Friction Coefficients of Iron Ore Granulated Mix with Moisture Content – C Li, R Moreno-Atanasio and T Honeyands
  • Goethite Classification, Distribution and Properties with Reference to Australian Iron Deposits – J Manuel and J Clout
  • A New Iron Ore Sintering Nucleus Assimilation Test – J Manuel and N Ware
  • Geometallurgy - a New Perspective on High-grade Iron Ore Deposit at Kiirunavaara, Northern Sweden – K Niiranen
  • Microwave-assisted Magnetizing Roasting and Mineral Transformation Studies of Low -rade, Goethite-rich Iron Ores – V Nunna, S Hapugoda and M Pownceby
  • Microhardness Testing of Hematite-Goethite Fe Ores – Implications for their Textural Characterisation and Geometallurgy – M Peterson, J Manuel and S Hapugoda
  • A Comparison of X-ray Based Analysis Techniques for Characterising the Phase Mineralogy and Associated Alumina Deportment in Iron Ores – M Pownceby, C MacRae and A Torpy
  • Summary of Results of an International Round Robin on Mineralogical Analysis of Iron Ores – M D Raven and S L Birch
  • The Softening and Melting Behaviour of Single and Mixed Iron Ore Burden – L Wang, S Wu, M Kou, B Du and Y Lu


  • Enhancing Magnetite Concentrate Granulation by Blending with Hematite Ore – M Adam, W Skinner and J Addai-Mensah
  • Process Improvement at Kumba Iron Ore Sishen and Kolomela Mines through the Use of Geoscan On-belt Analysis Equipment – L Balzan, E Jacobs, A Harris and Z Bauk
  • The Practical Characterisation of Ferrosilicon for Dense Medium Applications – J Bosman and W Blair
  • Separation of Ultrafine Particles Using the Reflux Graviton – J Carpenter, S M Iveson and K P Galvin
  • Rapid and Reliable Flow Property Testing – a Modified Uniaxial Approach – W Chen, J Miller, J Plinke, K Williams and A Roberts
  • Development and Application of Evaluation Model for Iron Ore Performances – T Chun, H Long, P Wang, Z Di, Q Meng and X Zhang
  • Iron Ore Flotation – Past Lessons and Future Perspectives – A Correa de Araujo, T Sylow and P R De Magalhaes Viana
  • Beneficiation Studies of a Low-grade Iron Ore in China – B Cui, D Wei, S Gao, C Han and P Fang
  • Improving the Separation Efficiency of Hematite from Slimes through Selective Flocculation – C Da Corte
  • Isothermal Reduction Behavior of Calcium Ferrite – C Ding, X Lv, S Xuan, K Tang and Y Chen
  • Slime Waste to Boost Agricultural Productivity – P Dixit, A K Mukherjee, P Patra, S Saha and D Makhija
  • Addressing the Challenges Associated with the Modelling of Iron Ore in Vibrating Screens – T Donohue, W Chen, A Katterfeld and S Reid
  • Overview of ArcelorMittal Mining Operations, Research and Development Function – M Gotelip Barbosa, A Correa De Araujo and T Sylow
  • Relocatable Modular Beneficiation Plants Create Value from Waste – T Graham
  • Simulation Investigation of Flow Patterns and Feeder Loads at Hopper/Feeder Interface – J Guo, A W Roberts, K Williams, M Jones and B Chen
  • Characterisation of Silico Ferrites of Calcium and Aluminium in Iron Ore Sinter by Optical Microscopy and EPMA – S Hapugoda, L Lu, E Donskoi and J Manual
  • The Use of Filter Aids on Iron Ore Fines – T Haskell
  • Influence of Moisture Content in High Pressure Grinding Rolls Pellet Feed Grinding – F Heinicke, H Gunter and P Hunger
  • Productivity Improvements at Taharoa – G Huggins, K Strange, D Liebmann and L Woods
  • A Batch Elutriation Technique for the Density-based Fractionation of Iron Ore – D Hunter, S Iveson and K Galvin
  • Influence of Shear Rate on Separation of Iron Ore Fines Using the REFLUXTM Classifier – D Hunter, J Zhou, S Iveson and K Galvin
  • Improvement of Sinter Productivity by Control of Magnetite Ore Segregation in Sintering Bed – Y Iwami, T Yamamoto, N Oyama, H Matsuno, N Saito and K Nakajima
  • Automation for efficient separation of the Outotec SLon VPHGMS – R Jain, I Sherrell and P Jansson
  • Development of Iron Ore Micro-particle Binder for Increase of Sinter Productivity – C Kamijo
  • Dry Processing of Magnetic Iron Ores – Addressing Cost and Environmental Issues – J Kelly and W Skinner
  • New Tools for Iron Sinter Monitoring – XRD in Combination with PLSR – U König and N Norberg
  • A Novel Sink-hole Fluidisation Method for Dry Separation of Iron Ore Fines – D Kumar, S Iveson and K Galvin
  • A Millipot Setup for Sintering Investigation of Iron Ores – H Li, R Zhou, D Pinson, P Zulli, L Lu, R Longbottom, S Chew, B Monaghan and G Zhang
  • Investigation on the Behaviour of Iron Ore Phases During Sintering – Interaction between Different Phases and Fluxing Materials – H Li, D Pinson, P Zulli, L Lu, S Chew, B Monaghan and G Zhang,
  • Sintering Technologies of Sinter Mixtures Containing High Proportions of Magnetite Concentrates – L Lu and H Han
  • Decrepitation of Lump Iron Ores – L Lu, M Kilburn and S Hapugoda
  • Enabling DR-Grade Iron Ore Concentrate Production with Pre-existing Beneficiation Lines – J Martens
  • Pelletising Performance of Western Australian Ultrafine Magnetite Concentrate and Strengthening Technique by Optimisation Ores Matching – J Pan, X Hu, D Zhu and C Yang
  • The Importance of Mineralogy and Petrology on the Beneficiation of Iron Oxide Ores, Primarily Those Containing Goethite – K Quast, J Addai-Mensah and W Skinner
  • Investigation of Moisture Reduction Methods of a Horizontal Vacuum Belt Filter – P Robinson, K Williams, J Plinke, S Arslangil, K Barber and C Wheeler
  • Reverse Cationic Flotation of Iron Ores with Complex Silicate Gangue Minerals – C H Veloso de Melo and A Correa de Araujo
  • Development of Pre-reduced Agglomeration Process in Travelling Grate – M Wang, S Son, J Park, H Jeong and B Cho
  • Predicting Sinter Quality through X-ray Diffraction Analysis – N Webster, M Pownceby and N Ware
  • Trommel Panel Development for Iron Ore Applications – R Williams, R Wilson and B Freeburn
  • Recent advances in iron ore sintering technologies in AnSteel – M-S Zhou, S Han and Y Wang
  • Tensile Strength and Shear Strength Properties of the Adhering Layer of Granules in Iron Ore Sintering – M X Zhou, H Zhou and T Honeyands
  • The Correlation between High Temperature Sintering Characteristics and Sintering Behaviours of Iron Ore Fines – D Q Zhu, Y X Xue, J Pan and B J Shi

PDFProject optimisation and development

  • Lower Cost to Offset Lower Iron Ore Prices – How Are They Doing It? – L Barlow and N Goel
  • The Use of Drill Core Blends to Predict Sintering Performance – M Gotelip Barbosa, G Siboni, M-J Venturini and A Correa De Araujo
  • The Central Eyre Iron Project – Developing a New Iron Ore Mine in a Challenging Climate – K L McPhee, A G Hunt and L J Ingle
  • Reducing Project Cost through Standardisation, Modularisation, Replication and Zero Base Design – J Merrells
  • Optimise Project Value through the Application of Model-based Design to Mining Supply Chain Development and Operation – S Oliver
  • Optimising Waste Rock Dump Construction for Iron Ore Mines – Upfront Assessment to Realise Long-term Cost Savings – J Pearce, S Pearce and A Kemp
  • Predictive Maintenance Modelling for Bearing-based Equipment – D Willingham
  • Multi and Synchro Blasting – Maximising Operational Productivity – G Wyartt

PDFTechnical marketing

  • Recent Port Kembla Experience with Iron Ore Use – Sintering and Blast Furnace – N Di Giorgio, A Bennett, B Osborne and S Chew
  • KEYNOTE: Iron Ore Market Outlook – A Doyle
  • Characterising the Mineralogy of Iron Ore Sinter – State of the Art in Australia – T Honeyands, L Matthews, D O'Dea, D Pinson, J Leedham, B Monaghan, H Li, M Pownceby and J Manuel
  • *This is a preliminary list of accepted abstracts and is correct at 8 November 2016